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  Thanks to Action Certification, I just passed my certification yesterday! The test was difficult. I generally ace any test I do... but I had to take it twice. It really covers the book and more. I went online to youtube to see some things in action I just couldn't get. Needing to test 2nd time, I went deeper and began to understand concepts at another level, which was good for me anyway. I am a nurse, the bulk of my nursing experience is Physical Rehab. I am fascinated by the subject of fitness, and am always looking up everything online further - further - further etc. I have jogged and biked and worked out with weights in gyms for years, and found Power Factor training, then Static Contraction Training and worked with those programs a few years. When the Explosive Fitness Machine was developed I jumped to that and have worked with it personally for years (it works really well for women incidently, getting us up to genetic potential in strength). I will be training people on that machine. I have already started a fitness support group, meeting weekly to plan strategies for fitness and objectives for carrying out workouts of all sorts in their own environment, not a gym. I will be working a lot with older people "getting them off the couch" and into cardio programs led by me, and hopefully resistance also. We will do some walks together, maybe jog with some, swim with some as extra fun group things. I am excited about it. I have a number of people signed already for various levels of training.... so now it is carrying it out... designing workouts, I'm gonna love this. Opa (Patricia) Hamilton  

Patricia (Opa) Hamilton 24 March 2013

  Fitness means lot to me. I am in sports related activities since I was 6 yr old like Martial Arts, Yoga, Cricket and now into fitness. ACTION provided the platform to achieve my PT certification. Now looking forward to learn and explore in the field of bodybuilding and fitness. Thanks ACTION  

PULAK BISWAS 17 February 2013

  I learned a very unique workout two years ago, and I decided I have to share my new found fitness with the world. So am brand new to this area, and needed to find a way to break in without breaking my budget. The Pro Plan was a really great way to make a small investment in myself (creating some accountibility), accessing a training program that I could do at my own pace while working full time. Though it took longer than I anticipated, my investment never "went away" with a deadline or expiration date threatening me. In the meanwhile, the manual was updated and the NCCA level exam was made available. This gave me so much latitude, I was able to mentor and certify in my specialized workout and then return to my study. I just passed my NCCA level exam "with flying colors" and my confidence has soared. There were some areas in the manual I felt were somewhat skimmed over, I realized for the sake of inclusion but not necessary for the focus of the course, that I became intrigued with, and found myself at the library or online learning more because of the interest it sparked. I am enjoying the Personal Fitness System trial right now, and the advice and options mentioned in regards to running my business. Thanks for the opportunity to start my new direction in life with the knowledge and backing I need. I will be recommending this program to everyone I speak to who wants to join this industry.  

Jean Kraft 13 February 2013

  I downloaded the textbook. I've been studying with various sources and I actually passed the exam yesterday with a 77%. I downloaded the PDF version of my certificate. I'm impressed with ACTION and what it offers. Hope to stay in touch with ACTION. Fitness is important to me and I thought it would be great to get a certification, although I have another career unrelated to fitness, so the free resources ACTION offers worked perfect for my situation  

Tim Lewellen 27 January 2013

  After 20 years in the Navy and serving at a number of commands as Physical Readiness Training Coordinator, I had the desire to help others become active... specifically as it would assist veterans in their personal wellness and recovery process. My biggest hurdle was that although I had experience, I didn't have the certification. ACTION has enabled me to gain the certification I needed to match my experience -- and some great education in the science and needs of today's training -- in order to do what I wanted to do after retiring... help people. I'm officially starting my new year with new fully-classed fitness programs thanks to the knowledge and certificate I received from ACTION.  

Edward Mueller 06 January 2013

  I am very interested in what ACTION is trying to accomplish and I appreciate the idea of changing the way Personal Training certification is done. It seems to me, with all the various PT cert organizations out there ... and there appear to be many ...that money, unfortunately, seems to be the driving force. It isn't very hard to see that money for the CPT courses, the training manuals, the support, the recertifications, etc. is a prime mover for this industry. No wonder that the comment is heard in the Physical Training circles -- "it's a racket." Back in 1985, I was a candidate for ACE CPT (personal reasons kept me from taking the cert exam). At that time,the idea of PT Certification was just taking hold. For the right reasons, the interests of many people grew exponentially. The ACE Cert exam cost $100. I only had to buy the book, study hard, and then take the exam. Today, it has the appearance of a three ring-circus... who is the most expensive; who is the most respected; who is the most accepted; who is the best accreditation agency, etc. What's a person to think and do? My interest in the subject matter is still there, however, and, for all the right reasons. I just don't think it is right with the current approach and it is quickly causing me to change my mind ...deciding NOT to do this thing. And here is ACTION with the concept of FREE or very close to it. It is a bit hard to understand. I stand amazed. I am following with interest ACTION's application for accreditation. The move to do so, with ACTION's stated purpose to radically change the way this industry operates, would be welcome by many. If accreditation is approved, what would be ACTION's next move? Of course, ACTION will become a target for the other organizations that are (competitively) out there. So, I remain cautiously optimistic in my venture. I wish ACTION the best in their efforts and would really like to be a part of a credible movement to make things work ....for the right reasons. Thank you for your efforts and thanks for your time. Regards, Ron Graham Becker --  

Ron Graham Becker 30 October 2012

  I am a Beachbody Coach that uses P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire and other fitness programs to train people. I found that people were hesitant to listen to me since I did not have any certifications in fitness. I found the course to be incredibly comprehensive and I learned about many aspects of training and nutrition that I did not know before. My training will help me and my clients. The other certifications were overpriced and I am sure provide the same depth of knowledge as Action. I am now a PROUD certified personal trainer and plan on using it to explode my business and help countless people.  

Darren Wall 13 October 2012

  I got my certification in November of last year and couldn't be happier. I just turned 60 and my business is going great. I run my own personal training business out of a local gym. Because of my age and past weight problems (2 years ago I weighted in at 285, now I weigh 185) I have developed a clientele of older folks. Seeing me and my before pictures has been a great sales tool. Most of my clients felt they were too old to make a change in their lives. I prove them wrong every day. It's a great feeling to help these folks improve their quality of life. Hopefully more older folks will take advantage of the ACTION certification program and get out there and help our senior generation live longer, healthier lives.  

Blaine Sander 09 October 2012

  Ive been a Personal Trainer for almost 2 years now, and I have already trained over 100 clients. I currently have over 30 clients on my schedule now, and I make over 100k a year all because of my ACTION CERT. I am one of the best PT in the Michigan area, and Im growing every day. You can check out some of my amazing Before/After pics on my again ACTION!!!!!!!!  

Marvin Potter 09 October 2012

  I ordered the Pro Plan course for an employee and downloaded the textbook to my ipad. We are going through the information chapter by chapter and it has been a great review for me. I will probably go ahead and take the test and become certified through ACTION in addition to my other certifications and degrees. I find that it is critical to stay informed on all the latest aspects of our constantly changing field! Our business is dedicated to serving Baby Boomers and believe me, they are very proactive in their programs and question everything (which is good)!  

Laurie Nelson-Barker 06 August 2012

  Thank you so much!! I am listening to the chapter 4 video Introduction To Program Design. I am understanding everything very easily so far, except for the textbooks lack of helpful explanation of METs, The MET Table and the calories burned per hour formula which I had to Google and ended up finally understanding once you covered it in the video. Now I fully understand it and have successfully worked the formula in reverse to discover the MET level for my normal exercise bike regimen is approximately 6.7. I feel so much smarter today than I did yesterday before I began diving into the material. By the way, just mentioning that I was home schooling with your program along with a solid explanation of my desire to become a personal trainer landed me a very welcoming email response today with an offer for an interview next week from a gym that is hiring a few entry level PTs. Not too shabby for someone who just decided last weekend to switch careers. I am so glad I found ACTION!! Kevin Race  

Kevin Race 30 July 2012

  I passed my exam this morning, I thought the test was very challenging but because of the Pro Plan I was prepared for it. I am now excited to begin my training career. I work Full-Time as an Accountant during the day and will train my clients Part-Time in the evenings. I was very happy with the depth of the book & study materials that were provided. I really learned a lot and have a solid foundation to begin my career. I am very happy I found ACTION Certification and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a Certified Personal Trainer...  

Shawn Richmond 28 July 2012

  Thanks to the ACT folks for providing excellent study materials! Not only did I learn a lot, but I was able to pass the exam. I work full-time and I’m attempting to change careers after 15 years. This excellent self-study program helped me work at my own pace, on my own schedule and I finally achieved my long-time goal of earning a personal trainer certification.  

Heather Muckle 23 July 2012

  Passed the exam on the 18th! Got hired at the YMCA today :) So glad I chose this as my first certification!! :)  

Melissa Simpson 20 July 2012

  Just passed my Exam!!!! Working as a recreation therapist, this trainig and certification greatly increases both my affectiveness and future earning potential. Lot of material covered, and explained. Good support system when you need the eztra help or guidence. All in all a very positive experience and a great orginization. You guys keep up the good wrok, and I'll keep recommending you to anyone who asks," Where do I go to get certified?" Action, Baby. ACTION!  

Matthew Brown 22 June 2012

  Just took my exam this morning and passed with an 81 percent. WOOHOO!!!! I would have done better if I had not been so nervous. Truth is, its a very broad and challenging test, but as long as we do the work and use all the tools available it is really not difficult. The study prep tools in the pro plan definitely helped tons, and prepared me a lot quicker than just the basic, which I was trying for a while. Once I upped to the pro plan so many concepts fell in place that i realized I knew more than I thought, it just wasn't directed. Thanks to all at ACTION for creating a great program!  

Bradley Higgins 16 June 2012

  I took my test today and I passed! This has been a long time dream I always wanted to do and finally Action Personal Training made it happen for me! The notes, the studing, the book, e-mails were all worth it. I been recommending Action to people who want to become a personal trainer. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. God bless.  

Eli Studer 09 June 2012

  I cant thank Action Personal Training enough. A great choice for anybody wanting to become certified, especially if your a busy person. You study and take the exam when your ready. The exam was tough, and the text book is thorough. I recommend this certification to anyone interested in this field.  

Jeff Kamphaus 22 May 2012

  Hello, I passed my exam 3 hours ago! I want to thank you all for the support in the forum, the Action team and the efficient and great materials including the videos, flash cards and practice test Action provides. For me the test was challenging and I feel it really tested my overall understanding and knowledge of the 10 chapters incl. practical test question from real live as a personal trainer! ACTion gives me a professional great foundation of the things to know for being a personal trainer. Thank you !  

Jane Waldmann 16 May 2012

  I passed my exam yesterday May 5th!! Such a thrill. Thank you to everyone for your input and advice. This is a very thorough course and very well put together. This has been a dream of mine since youth. I am almost 40 and about to be a partner at a local CrossFit gym. I owe some of that being possible to Action Personal Trainer. I will recommend you to everyone. God speed to all!  

Scott Ries 06 May 2012

  Oh my goodness!! I just passed my certification!! YAY! I can't believe I finally did it...was so nervous and kept putting it off. There is A LOT of information provided in this course. Very, very thorough and challenging.... I studied with NPTI - which also has a comprehensive program. Much appreciated this whole program and process. Can't wait to celebrate and get out there and do more training!! HIGHLY recommend this to everyone - whether you are certified with another organization or not.  

Tammy Pierson 09 April 2012

  Passed my certification test today!!!!! I felt extremely confident until the computer froze when I tried to submit the answers. Lucklily they were able to get the server back up without losing any of the info. I am now ready to move forward with my new career!!!!!  

Phillip Hoskins 05 April 2012

  I passed the exam this past Saturday. This is an extensive program. I feel it really gave me a solid foundation. The exam covered all parts of the training manual. Thank you to everyone at ACTION Certification for making a comprehensive and affordable program.  

Sharon St. Clair 02 April 2012

  I passed! I passed my exam today and it is in large part due to the competency of the Action Certification program. Their course materials, including but not limited to, the book, note-cards, downloadable video lecture content, etc., were a big factor in me passing my test. More importantly the teaching techniques provided by Action help with comprehending concepts, instead of just remembering them. Beat that fitness industry! Thanks Guys for all your hard work and dedication-current students and staff. Kam Cudjoe In Fitness We Trust  

Kam Cudjoe 27 March 2012

  In February 2012, ACT Certification changed our name to ACTION Certification. The testimonials submitted before this name change have been updated to reflect the change of name. No other edits have been made to the testimonials. We always welcome your feedback and success stories.  

ACTION Certification 15 March 2012

  I wanted to let all the staff at ACTION know - A Big Thank You! I passed the test on February 24th . It was a very difficult exam but with the help of ACTION materials ,the book and practice tests along with the on line chapter lectures it was manageable. I want to give anyone a heads up before taking the exam learn how to do all math equations on paper ( the old fashioned way) because there are no calculators allowed in the testing area.  

Richard Benevento 27 February 2012

  I just wanted to share my excitement after passing the ACTION exam this morning with 88 minutes to spare. I utilized the material extensively but spent most of my study time doing the practice exams over and over. The exam is tough, and it tests your knowledge of training concepts thoroughly. Good luck to those who are planning to take the exam, and thank you to ACTION for making this this so affordable.  

Randall Maddux 18 February 2012

  I felt compelled to write not only for the quality and professionalism of Ozzie’s class, but the entire program you offer. I ordered the text book and found that to be strong and sturdy and the content is beyond my expectations as well. The entire interface as well as the on line exams, flash cards et al are all far more than I ever could have anticipated. It is really wonderful to see a product and company deliver so much more than the price would lead one to believe. I am not sure how you do – I am just sure glad that you do! Best regards and thank you. Tom  

Thomas Cooney 09 February 2012

  I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful I found your certification. Your tools, your great team and your extras keeps me so positive and motivated! I just started 1 wk ago, beginning w chapter 2 now, but am so looking forward to training people w your education starting my new career! Best regards, Jane  

Jane Waldmann 10 January 2012

  I printed the book and I am on a study program. I believe I will be ready to take the test by the end of January. If time allows I will do it sooner. I also plan to upgrade, but I have to wait for my funds to settle, as I have transfers and payments that need to clear before I can make anymore purchases. As soon as they do I will upgrade. This program is unbelievable and I am so glad that you have made it accessible to the average Joe or Jane. I have been looking for something like this for years. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you all really soon. Sincerely, David Castillo  

David Castillo 03 January 2012

  A friend of mine came to me in June 2011, with a business proposition. He asked me to become a personal trainer with him so we could open up our own business. So after giving it some thought, I started taking the online classes in July 2011. On September 27, 2011; I passed my ACTION Trainer exam and got my certification. I started off by doing some training with another certified trainer first. After several weeks of shadowing with the trainer; I started training my first client on November 14th. I now run group classes and individual personal training sessions part-time. We are hoping by the beginning of 2014, to be training full-time so we can open our own training facility.  

Nelvin Retrone Woods facebook W & W 100% FITNESS 20 November 2011

  I was very happy when I found the opportunity to become a CPT for FREE! I became interested because I wanted to find out better ways to take care of my own body. Now I have multiples clients, from beginners to athletes and am very excited for the opportunity to train others. The test wasn\'t that difficult but it was very thorough. Passed on the first try! Thanks ACTION for this opportunity!  

Joshua Shealy 14 November 2011

  Greetings. The course material is very thorough and comprehensive. There is a ton of material to absorb. As for the exam, it was very challenging as it tests knowledge and ability to think and link different theory together. The negative about the exam is I was not allowed to bring a calculator nor was one provided. I found the calculation portions of the exam to be difficult, but manageable with pencil and paper. However, it was very tedious. I am very thankful for this certification as it has given me insight to a new and wonderful career path. This course has shown me the amount of knowledge needed to be a great personal trainer and has motivated me to gain more certifications so I can provide my clients the best training possible. Ultimately I would like to see ACTION provide additional courses to become Pilates, Yoga, BOSU, etc. certified. This would give ACTION a tremendous advantage as these courses could make ACTION the one stop place to go. Keep up the great work!!!  

Jhansen Chonn 09 November 2011

  I am physical therapist from Malaysia. I would proud to be an ACTION certified personal trainer. The exam questions are simulated with practical aspects and basic human system. It’s made critical analysis of the knowledge.  

TAMILVANAN MANI 12 October 2011

  I have been in the fitness industry for eons (really, cuz I am 65) & have accumulated numerous certifications after an academic base. None were ever mandatory for my teaching, lectures, writing, workshops,etc., but I did them to be self- challenged. That was until many certifying organizations became money grubbing & I rebelled. What a fresh concept with ACTION offering their certification for free. Yes, that will change with accreditation but for newbies & those of us who want a brain jolt w/o the cost for basically the same material as the expensive others, I commend ACTION. Serious text kinks need to be addressed such as incorrect info--a typo is annoying but misinformation is troubling. However, that will be rectified, I am sure. Those of you embarking on this new career....continual education is imperative but free if you want, be cognizant of liability in every situation, perfect your social/client skills, & truly, be empowered that your knowledge is positively affecting others. Lastly, remember, the workouts are for your client....not you. Kay ACTION-CPT (marathon runner in Florida) [email protected]  

Kay Sager 09 October 2011

  I have wanted to get my Personal Trainer certification for years, after asking a friend of mine (who is a NASM instructor) what his thoughts were as far as which one to get and he gave me the info for ACTION. I found immediate credibility with his endorsement of the program. After reading through the material and comparing to the other manuals and information from the other Cert. companies I was even more certain this was a legit and well founded way to go. Now granted ACTION is not as well known as the others YET, that does not take away from the material and the knowledge you gain from it. I passed the online exam and fully intend to take the NCCA version at a test center in the near future. As far as employment goes, this is not my full time gig, but I did find a gym that brought me on to train the day after I passed the exam. Thank you ACTION and please continue to improve and lets get this certification to blow up!  

Jonathan Zambrano 06 October 2011

  I am very happy to say that I passed the ACTION exam. The instructors online were very helpful with the many tools they had for me to use. I am sure this certification will go Worldwide and become the top of the line. This course covers all area related to personal training. I am glad I found you. Because of ACTION I am proud to be a personal trainer.

Mark B
Exercise Specialist
ACTION Certified Trainer

Mark Bryant 05 October 2011


mrenea WILSON 03 October 2011

  You and your team are wonderful young people and you are doing a great job! I am so fortunate that I stumbled on your page at the time when I was not sure how I am going to continue with my life,what I am going to do. Your page was like a light ,showing me the direction and I am happy that I followed.

All the materials and presentations helped me to refresh and update my knowledge and skills and will continue to help me. Studying with ACTION helps me enormously, and taking and passing the exam restored my confidence and I am looking forward to enjoy my time helping people to achieve and maintain the optimum for their health and fitness.Thank you,thank you very much again and again.Keep your inspiration high and dream big! God bless you! Lots of love Mariana

Mariana Angelova 01 October 2011

  I must say that in the beginning when I downloaded and started reading the through the CPT material I thought it would be very difficult for me to get certified. I have never been much of reader when it comes to learning something new. I prefer to learn by actually performing the task. But the way ACTION presented the material and emphasized what I must-know as a Personal Trainer, it was much easier to read, study and learn the material. I just passed my exam with 80% and look forward to putting my new certification to use helping others get in the best shape of their lives! I am excited to officially be a Certified Personal Trainer, but even more for having learned so much which will help me explain the why and how of a specific exercise to my future clients. Thank you so much and happy to be part of the ACTION family of Certified Personal Trainers!  

Reginald Wiley 30 September 2011

  My passion and desire to become a personal trainer initially started as a client of a personal trainer. Very quickly.... I discovered a hidden talent within myself...the ability to lead, persuade, encourage and motivate others to reach there fitness goals. I am happy to announce that I passed my CPT test and am well on my way to starting my own fitness company. Ozzie, Karla and Kendrick you guys are awesome to say the least. Your knowledge, skill and expertise are very noticeable and thanks to your training...I feel that I am very well equipped to embark on my new journey. For me... this is the beginning of me getting certified in many other aspects of the Fitness and Wellness professions. I will recommend the Athletic Certification & Training Commission to anyone wanting to become a personal trainer. Thank you once again!! Shonna Goodrich Atlanta, GA  

Shonna Goodrich 30 September 2011

  I passed the test today the last day possible to take the online one. Studying for the test really helped me out as personal trainer and greatly improved my skills. Now that I have this certification I can go from a being uncertified trainer in a small gym to being and independent trainer and charge my own prices. I love the option of being able to purchase professional liability insurance. This will help me market myself as I go independent. I would like to thank ACTION for opening doors and making the personal trainer business affordable. Studying this has also help me prepare for the ACE test which I will take in a month.  

Jeffrey Boateng 30 September 2011

  i past the test today after failing twice. Study progam design and fat and calorie intake alot of tricky questions. by the grace of God doors shall be opened. Good Luck!!!!!  

rashad turner 30 September 2011

  I took the test today and passed! I am sure it will open doors for me. Thank you for the opportunity. I would recommend this highly.  

frank pohl 29 September 2011

  Just completed my certification test and pleased to tell all I passed with an 87% (was hoping to do a bit better!!) Wanted to get the online test done before the deadline so I think I probably took it a few weeks before I really intended. Really crammed a lot of the info from the text and online videos. Took the practice tests over and over and reviewed the flash cards and interactive test a few times. This really helped. Having all the benefits that come with the Pro Plan was invaluable!!! Must say watching the time tick away, especially when you are down to the last 20 min. and have about 20 plus questions still to answer can get a little nerve racking!!! A few deep breathes help. Anyway want to thank ACTION for this online opportunity and now that the pressure is off I am looking forward to reviewing the material at my leisure and taking the accredited version of the test in the future. In the mean time I am proud to say that I am now one of the new members of the ACTION certification program. TRAIN ON!!!!!!!  

Michael Skoflanc 29 September 2011

  Ozzie, Karla, Kendrick, I call you guys by your first name because we have been spending so much time together now (through the recorded video sessions). I must say that when first going through CPT material I thought it would be impossible for me to get certified. I have never been very good in school. But the way you guys present the material and emphasize what is really must-know for a PT made it so much simpler. I passed my exam with 80% by reading the book twice and looking at the videos 2 - 3 times each. I am very happy to be certified but even more for having learned soooo much (especially Anatomy which will really help me in explaining the why and how of a specific exercise to my clients). Thank you so much and happy to be part of ACTION  

Raphael Doukkali 25 September 2011

  Thank you so much for the opportunity that your certification has provided. I think the Pro Plan was absolutely worthwhile - especially the online classes and flashcards. You and your team have done a great job putting together an effective learning program, using a variety of tools (which was a huge help, especially since I havent picked up a textbook in over two years!) I am pleased to see that ACTION accreditation is pending because I think its a worthwhile program. I lost my job (office job) back in June so money had been tight. But this has allowed me to pursue my passion. If you would like me to write a testimonial, I would be more than happy to do so. I am fortunate to have been involved with a gym facility and am going to start taking on clients - the trainers there have been incredibly supportive and great mentors. Thanks again! Nicole  

Nicole Shattuck 20 September 2011

  I actually went through the ISSA CFT program back in 2000 and renewed and held the CFT certifications through them for about 6 years. Then I let it elapse. They were going to make me go through the whole program again when I decided to get recertified this year, which would have been fine, but they were going to charge me a ridiculous price. That’s when I found your program, read the book a few times, and took the test. Your course is great and offers the meat of what a personal trainer needs to know without all the irrelevant stuff that some of the other programs use as fluff.  

Todd Bradley 16 September 2011

  I wanted something that I could fit into my crazy schedule and I absolutely loved how I could read the textbook in my own time without feeling rushed to turn in an assignment. I passed the exam without upgrading. I have always been great at remembering what I read and was able to pass without paying anything. I feel so accomplished in that. I started training clients this year as a hobby and never knew how much I would grow to love it. I am absolutely stoked to be certified now and have the knowledge and the certificate to show to new clients. I am now unstoppable and will continue onto getting cpr certified as well. If you have any doubt about this, dont let it stop you, the test is hard, you will learn the basics and come out a winner.  

Janel Harper 09 September 2011

  Over the past year I have lost 65 lbs and 10 waist sizes (I am now 5 foot 10, 175, 30) and several people I know want to hire me as their personal trainer which would be a great supplemental income (I am a special education teacher). A lawyer friend, however (yes, I admit I have a friend who is a lawyer!), advised me not to do it until I obtained liability insurance. I just passed the ACT-CPT exam so I can now get liability insurance; and thanks largely to ACTION (and to the other books and magazines I concurrently read which have supplemented this knowledge) I feel very confident to be personal trainer.  

Joel Hoffman 30 August 2011

  Thank you Sooooo Much... this has been something i have wanted to do for a very long time... i had purchased another online program & after just looking at the chapters & what all was in your Free Course I realized that was a waste of my $$ and that I would not be getting half the knowledge that I will get in your program... I will be upgrading to the pro plan in a few days just dont have the available funds to do it rite now ... I just wanted to say thank you before I even get started because you have Made My Day!!! Thanks Tammy  

Tammy H 28 August 2011

  The ACTION online class, Anatomy of Exercise - Upper Body was well done. I found it very helpful; the teacher was very clear and informed. I will continue to study the course material in my study manual. Thank you, Robert  

Robert Jordan 26 August 2011

  Thank you for your straightforward training and certification program. Althought I've only just begun your course, I'm looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your organization.  

James Cotton 21 August 2011

  Thank you for helping me to gain the knowledge and certification required to run my own personal training business. My client base is growing steadily. The course is well prepared and easy to follow and I would readily recommend it.  

Jayne Barker 18 August 2011

  I am so thankful for ACTION for there program. The material and testing is just as good of quality as the more expensive ceritification companies. Since passing my test i have been busy. I currently have 7 active clients, and created my own PT company. In the spring i will have the chance to start working with College and NFL players in a joint venture with Art of Football Inc. I am so excited about the future and just want to thank ACTION for handing me the keys.  

Chris Harrison 28 July 2011

  Thanks ACT. You are doing a great thing here. You make it affordable and allow us great access to start a successful journey in the fitness field.  

Glenn Robert 18 July 2011

  As seems to be more and more common, economic hard times forced my hand into a new career field; but when times get tough, the tough get going! I studied hard and passed the exam with high marks. I now work for New England\'s top medically-based wellness facility as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional. I could not be where I am today without the comprehensive education that ACTION provided. I am now one of the lucky few who LOVE THEIR JOB! Many thanks to all at ACT.  

Anna Rogers 18 July 2011

  I passed the Athletic Certification & Training Commission (ACT) exam on June 30, 2011 and this past week I started part time with a national known gym as a Certified Personal Trainer. I have also started my own company called Paradigm Fitness and Health and already picked up my first client. Passing the certification exam was no walk in the park for me, but well worth it. I highly recommend ACT. Albert Whitestone ACT-CPT Paradigm Fitness & Health June 30, 2011  

Albert Whitestone 17 July 2011

  Hi ACTION members, I just took the exam and passed it. I am very thankful that ACTION gave me the opportunity to display my knowledge and earn my ACT-CPT certificate. This is a real exam and not an eyewash and you have to put in the work to attain the status. Its on par with industry standards and is no less than other NCCA accredited certifications. I hope the NCCA expedites the accreditation, which is long due, to the ACTION Commision. Wishing Luck and Success to fellow ACTION members, trainers and instructors. Anirudh Anumula 16 July 2011  


  Passed my test and got my certification last week - started my new job today - thanks! Only onward and upward from here!  

Jason Snyder 31 May 2011

  I received my Bachelors in Exercise Science with concentration Community Health and Wellness, in August of 2010. I am currently a Nursing Student working towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner and eventually Doctor focusing on preventative medicine. I am also a single mother of child that has Celiac Disease; it is my hope to enstill the importance of exercise along with his diet. Prevention is key. I would not have been able to afford this opportunity and am very greatful and blessed! AS OF MAY 30, 2011, I AM NOW A CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER!!!!  

Laura Trail 30 May 2011

  I got my ACTION certification on May 4. I am so happy to be certified trainer. I appreciate the ACTION program. Hope to be prosperous ACTION!!!!  

Soh Hee Kim 15 May 2011

  I took the test last night and I already have a job. I had the interview this morning and I started working this after noon. Within a few short hours I already have two clients. I will also be starting my own company call A&B Athletic Development that focus on sports related training for men, women and children.  

Aaron Bradley 04 May 2011

  I want to say how much I appreciate the opportunity that you have allowed me to have. For so long I have maintain the ambition of becoming a personal trainer. The thought of helping others while being paid to do what I love was a hope that seemed just out of my reach financially. Your program has given me the entry that I needed enter this exciting and fulfilling career. I now hope to one day get a BA in Fitness Trainer, and the ACTION certification program has given me the foundation to realize my ambitions, and create for myself a life and profession I can be proud of.

Thank you again, ACTION and all the instructors that have made this possible.


Allan Cann, CFT

Allan Cann 03 May 2011

  I have downloaded the textbook and have read the first couple of chapters. It is a fairly easy read. I had been reading through the ACE textbook and it is so technical that it is difficult to stay awake when reading. Your book seems to be much clearer without leaving out any of the important information. I will be reading a chapter a day for now and then with probably purchase the pro plan.  

Kyle Lieb 02 May 2011

  Hello I started this program after i figured out what i wanted to do with my life. It only took me 27 years to figure out :). I am happily married and mother of 3 ages 3, 2, and 2 months (yep we wasted no time LOL)and I plan on staying home with them and starting a business from home. I was getting up with the baby in the early AM then reading, taking notes and in the afternoon when the other two were sleeping watching the recorded videos. I finished this process in about 3 weeks, but it took another 3 weeks of reading notes, taking the prac. tests and re watching some of the videos to feel comfortable enough to take the exam. I was able to get certified without putting a financial strain on my already strained situation. Thank you ACTION Holly Weilnau CPT  

Holly Weilnau 02 May 2011

  I have been personal training for eighteen plus years,i found the ACTION certification and i wanted to test my knowledge,the test was very challenging and i failed so i bought the proplan and studied every bit of material that they offered to pass,ACTION will provide you with all the information that you need,you just have to use it. With ACTION you get more for less,what really caught my attention was the cost of the insurance,i purchesed more for less. A lot of work has gone into this certification,and i believe they will achieve thier accreditation. R.C. Allen CCA IFA ACTION CPT.  

R.C. Allen 24 April 2011

  I have always had a passion for fitness and wanted to become a personal trainer but I was always turned away by the sheer cost of most of the programs out there that are online only course. Then comes ACTION offering a free course with an extremely reasonably priced ProPlan, after begining the course I upgraded to the Pro which is completly worth it and was able to pass the course on my first try. Now I am working as a personal trainer full time at the most highend club in my area, thanks so much ACTION for making the process so afforable and simple, good luck with the NCCA!!  

Eric Hewitt 18 April 2011

  I didnt believe the program was totally free but i downloaded the text book anyway. I took the test after two days just to see if I could pass and failed, not discouraged I studied for two more weeks paid the $35 dollar retest fee and passed the certificate, I downloaded my certificate immediately now I ready to work.  

Anthony Gutierrez 12 April 2011

  I passed the ACTION certification test today and I am really excited! The course contains all the valuable information a trainer needs to get on the right path. Thank you guys for providing this opportunity. Thank you, Camille Wilson,cpt  

Camille Wilson 13 March 2011

  Thanks ACTION for a great program and I can not believe it was free! I did purchase the PRO plan and the manual which were well worth the money spent and I plan on getting the insurance as well. With the fitness industry forever changing I found your training manual to be right on target and your business plan exceptional. I retired Dec. 29, 2011 and this will be be my second career. I would recommend ACTION to anyone. I look forward to ACTION becoming certified with NCCA, I am sure it will happen and I will be following the progress as I am curious as to what will be required of us who now hold an ACTION certification. See you in the discussion forum :0)  

Henry Mears 11 March 2011

  This is Courtney Hall, after taking this exam I am very much impressed. I have also taken the NASM courses of studies and the information the ACTION provides is great information. I believe that the ACTION cert. is as good as the NASM based on the information thought. I just passed the exam today and it was tough like the NASM exam. I definitely recommend this certification to any person looking to become certified! I really believe that they well be National recognized soon. Great Exam, Great program.  

Courtney Hall 11 March 2011

  I am Robert Bigler and I passed the ACTION test today. The text book for this certification is a great source for passing the test as well as applying the principles in real life. The information is explained in great detail and is identical to the courses related in my sports and health science program at APU. I am glad I stumbled upon ACTION and look forward to the challenges and opportunities the world of health and wellness has to offer. Hope ACTION will get its NCCA certification in the near future. Thanks ACT! Sincerely, Robert Bigler  

Robert Bigler 25 February 2011

  I thought the ACTION certification program was very informative and it was more difficult than I had expected. I paid for the Pro Plan and also ordered the exam book. I studied on a regular basis for approximately two months. I took the practice exams over and over again and today, I am happy to say that I passed my test! I really think this is a nicely structured program and would recommend to anyone looking to get into this field. I exercise on a regular basis, but really had zero book training in this area. My advice, pay for the Pro Plan, get the book and give yourself 2-3 months and you should be fine. I learned a lot and plan on continuing my education. Thanks ACT! This is a terrific program.


Regina Stenberg 23 February 2011

  i am leonard krasniqi i pass today ACTION exam. ACTION Manual for personal trainer is best, this manual is like university manual this manual be cost 100$ or more there is free and this manual teach everything to become true personal trainer.  

leonard krasniqi 19 February 2011

  I am a former ACE certified personal trainer who let his certification expire years ago. I was trying to find a certification in order to start training again and stumbled upon ACT. Studied the textbook, passed the exam, called a local employer and found out that they would accept my cert. I think the ACTION materials are sound and that their business plan is phenomenal. I dont doubt that ACTION will be at the top of the business in a few short years. Thank you ACT! I am glad to be an ACTION Certified Personal Trainer. God bless...  

Greg Brown 08 February 2011

  I greatly appreciate what ACTION is doing with the personal training field. In looking and reviewing many of the certifications, they all seem expensive without much guidance. I am pleased to see that ACTION is making the extra effort in providing quality information, with actual lectures to relay and explain the information. The lectures have proven an instrumental tool in my progress, not just for the ACT. This is all done at a reasonable price.  

Ryan Goodman 28 January 2011

  I passed the test today. Thank you for putting together such a great program! For anyone who is interested in health and fitness, I highly recommend ACT. The Pro Plan really makes it easy and convenient to learn the material with flashcards, online classes and practice tests.  

Charles Rice 28 January 2011

  Thank you so very much for creating a fantastic website and training system for free. I have no money or job and I'm desperate to become a cpt as I have been bodybuilding for more than 15 years. Just want to say Thank you so much and I appreciate your hard work into doing this. God bless you all!  

Rafael Lazaro 25 January 2011

  I would like to thank the A C T team for the quality of the program. The A C T covers all the different aspect of what a personal trainer should know to start in this wonderful world of health and fitness passion. If i can help some of you who are new in this field, i would say ; Use all the educational tools that the A.C.T team offers you. The book - the online course - the cards - the practice exam and the interactive board. Once you are certified, dont stop, go and get more experience and education in all the health and fitness fields, get the info before it comes out!!!! remember, the body doesnt change, its our understanding of it that changes!!! good luck to all of you, go for it, its a gift to be able to help others... and this is what you will be doing soon .... stay fit and healthy BRUNO  

bruno villers 25 January 2011

  I have looked around at many different certifications, and decided to take this one because the obvious, IT IS FREE! I have an extensive background in the medical field, and I thought personal training would also be an rewarding experience for me. I studied the text and took the exam the same day! I dont recommend that anyone does that unless you been educated in the medical field or are currently a personal trainer. The test is very complicated, but all the answers are in the book. I suggest that people study the material until they are very comfortable with it, because the 90 minutes sure goes by fast! I plan on starting a personal training business, and will definitely get the liability insurance that ACTION offers! This test should be the standard for Personal Trainers!  

Danielle Klingler CPT 24 January 2011

  Wow. I want to personally thank the people involved with creating this certification. I paid NFPT the down payment of $300 to start the course. I finished the study material but now dont have the money to finish. I came across ACTION and became certified absolutely free. After downloading the study material I realized quickly this was a legitimate cert. and should be nationally accredited. Thank you Noel Richards - CPT- ACTION  

Noel Richards 23 January 2011

  I am a certified personal trainer from ifbb, and an ER doctor. I downloaded the ACTION MANUAL FOR PERSONAL TRAINER to know what must known to pass the exam. I took the exam and passed. To pass this test you must learn basic anatomy & physiology of the human body, biomechanics etc. This is very good course to build professional personal trainers. The ACTION pt manual covers everything you need to become true personal trainer. I recommend that everybody who wants to be a personal trainer to start learning ACT.  

florent krasniqi 11 January 2011

  I have no degree and I have never taking a college class for this stuff in my life so I was at a disadvantage. I have no other certifications but I was still able to pass this test after months of preparing. This was the hardest test I have ever taken but if you prepare diligently you will be fine. Take the practice test as much as possible and you may want to take notes on the formulas since you can use notes on your test. This program was great! THANK YOU!  

Corey Yoakam 09 January 2011

  I am a Natural competitive body builder, and weight loss transformation participant. Held off from getting my cert for several years because of the cost and difficulty deciding what cert to get. I came across ACTION and started studying in June. I took my time and took the test in OCT and scored well. I was impressed with the instructors, the program was very solid and gets a lot of kudos in the reviews online. My plan was to use the ACTION cert to help prepare me for one of the accredited certs. I have found in my preparation for another Exam that the ACTION program has prepared me well. I often refer to the material for clarification review. Your course was very well put together, lots of tools and resources, and I learned and retained the material very easily. I cant wait for you guys to get accredited.  

Jason Schwartz 05 December 2010

  My name is Kevin, and I have been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years now. I am certified with AFTA, IFPA, and I also have my Master Trainers Certification. I heard about your certification website, and began telling my Trainers at work about your program. Since then, all who have taken the exam have passed. I must commend you on the incredible job you have done with giving trainers real world knowledge about this incredible career. Your 300 page text is absolutely no joke, with information that was not even included in my Master Trainer Exam! So, I have now decided to take the exam, in hopes that all of my trainers will follow suite. Your course should without a doubt be accredited, and the STANDARD in CPT Certifications! I applaud your team for its commitment to excellence. Yours in Fitness, Kevin R Speer, BS, CMT, CPT  

Kevin Speer 03 December 2010

  The ACTION certification is very thorough and all the resources provided make it easy for people to prepare for the exam. Everything is high quality. I joined online classes, watched them over and took various practice exam in order to prepare.. I recommend you do the same, the exam is very detailed, so take your time to prepare, all of the topics are covered. I´m thrilled to have passed it and have this certificate.. Best of luck to the organization with the NCCA cert process  

Franco Guzman 17 November 2010

  I am an exercise science major in my sr. year @ Morehouse College, i have been certified by AFAA,IFPA and will take the NSCA exam next year. I must say that ACTION study material and test covers about as much information as my classes and is as thorough if not more than the two organizations previously mention i.e AFAA & IFPA. As far as i can tell the only thing keeping it from being the top certifying body is the lack of accreditation,which is in the process of being resolved. Great job ACT!  

Alphonso Alexander1 16 November 2010

  The program is outstanding!! I was initially certified through the National Council of Strength and Fitness, and the ACTION Test is very close to the NCSF. It is great to have an organization like ACTION to give a challenging test at no expense. You defiantly earn your certificate. Thanks ACT!! Alexander Vasquez, Personal Trainer & Mixed Martial Arts Coach for 5+ Years  

Alexander Vasquez 12 November 2010

  Hello to all. I just took and passed the ACTION and it was very thorough. Compares well to the NASM and ACE certifications. Initially I thought 90 minutes for 100 questions was more than enough time to complete the exam. I quickly found if you do not know your stuff, the clock will catch you. My advice to anyone would be to purchase the book, review the book thoroughly, know the formulas, take the practice exams often and take advantage of the online training classes. Give yourself a minimum of 2 - 3 months of studying 5 - 8 hours per week and you should be fine. Good Luck to ALL!!!  

A. Kenneth Carraway 08 November 2010

  I am trying to get my nose in the books as I simultaneously transition out of the military. There are so many certs out there, many which have been around for awhile and are highly reputable. ACTION is relatively new to the scene but I have heard good things. ACTION also allows me to study at my own pace and test out when I want. That is fantastic. I look forward to completing the program.  

Matt Supple 29 September 2010

  The ACTION program is a godsend for myself and many other people who could become excellent personal trainers because of the flexibility of the ACTION format. I firmly believe that it is not a course, or a degree, or a certificate, that makes an excellent trainer. It is a combination of knowledge, the desire to help people with their health, and a knack for balancing sensitivity and discipline. There are thousands of people out there who know they have got the talent and desire for the vocation but lack the circumstances to attend an away from home course. I am a single mom of teenagers, and it is a challenge just to wrangle them!  

Susan Sherman 29 September 2010

  Thank you for the opportunity to renew personal trainer certification in such a affordable price. The course was thorough and educational.  

Blessing Ufodiama 25 September 2010

  I have watched the two exercise science lectures and the first biomechanics lecture, and they are really good. I am 43, and it has been a long time since I have had to read a textbook. The classes are a great video/auditory reinforcement. Thanks!  

Lisa Foreman 22 September 2010

  Personally, I was attracted to the ACTION certification because of the educational ideology. ACTION values mastery of content and thorough understanding, coupled with convenience and accessibility. I love the interactive perspective and opportunities, as well as cutting-edge information. I believe it takes much more than a multiple-choice test to make a great trainer and ACTs delivery of material and training is beyond anything I have experienced.  

Novella Thompson 17 September 2010

  Got your system, upgraded to the Pro Plan, I'm studying and getting ready to take the exam. Thanks, Great course!  

Frank James 20 August 2010

  Awesome and thorough test. Definitely tests your ability and competence as a future trainer. Great online course!!!!  

wandy leonardo none 17 August 2010

  I recently passed the ACTION CPT exam and must say I still cant believe they are giving this information away. Even with the Pro Plan upgrade the bang for the buck will not be beat. This certification was just as challanging to complete as the ACE program but it has more of a focus on the practical aspect of training and isnt just a math test. I would refer anyone to this program that is considering a career in the fitness industry.  

Jeremy Oliver 20 May 2010

  I passed the test and found that for me, it took about 2 months of studying every day to pass the test. A tough test and you will learn everything that NASM, ACSM and ACE teaches in there PT manuals. I hope that this gets me started in finding a job as a CPT and that ACTION will soon be NCCA certified.  

Darla Johnson 11 May 2010

  Great test. It was very challenging and made it so you had to understand the principles behind the information. Just memorizing things won't get you far. A few questions were tricky but for the most part very well done. Also the customer service is exceptional. Best I have seen in a long time in anything. Cheers!  

John Miller 28 April 2010

  This course is extremely detailed and will challenge the most seasoned of fitness professionals. Whether you are new to the fitness industry, or already have a successful career thiis course will introduce new and fresh concepts that will enhance your body of knowledge.  

Curley Birdsong 25 April 2010

  I took the ACT-CPT and passed and the exam was a brain teaser. The study guide textbook is up to the mark. All the topics have been covered well. The only thing left is the ncca accredition which i hope they'll get it soon!  

raghuram tangirala 23 April 2010

  I am a personal trainer in China. Today I took the ACT-CPT test and passed. This certification is very good and have the great quality. I Studied NSCA & NASM before. So I think the ACTION Textbook covers all of the base Knowledge for personal trainers. I am hoping soon ACTION will have NCCA certification. Best Regards. Thank You!!!  

SEN CAO 22 April 2010

  Even though this Cert isnt NCCA I hope/think it will soon. The Textbook covers everything! I have a cert with NASM and the stuff being used here is just about the same with NASM. Test was kinda tuff! gotta read and study. I recommend this cert. Good luck to all the gets it.  

matthew lineberry 27 March 2010

  I took the ACT-CPT test and passed. This certification is really worth. Course covers all the areas related to personal training from Biomechanics and Program design to Risk management. I encouraged my friends and also encouraging others to take ACTION exam.. This certification is Going to become VERY BIG soon. I am hoping soon ACTION will have NCCA certification. Definitely worth. Go for it. Best Regards Ansul Singh, EIT, CPT Los Angeles  

Ansul Singh 25 March 2010

  I was really excited for being accepted to become a beta-tester. Because I never heard of The Athletic Certification Training Commission before I was a little skeptical, but at the end of the program I was actually surprised with the great quality of the text book with scientific based information and practical examples to help bridge the gap between science and application. I am glad with the great support and the opportunity to be certified as an ACTION Personal Trainer. Thank you!! Lucas Varella  

Lucas Varella 04 March 2010

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